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How to Engage Buyers on a Furniture Website?

Bounce rate on FurnitureSo, you have a brick and mortar furniture store and want to go online with your own website? Are you clear on how to start or find the best possible way to go about it? Don’t worry you’re at the right place! Iksula is here to help you. Iksula has colossal experience in creating, designing and building product content for furniture websites having worked for Internet Retailers like Wayfair, Cymax and Bed Bath and Beyond in this domain. The market for online furniture purchase is huge so you better start with it now or else you’ll be late! So don’t lose your dollars while thinking where to start from! We have a great start for you. The first and foremost part while designing a homepage is to welcome your customers through a vibrant, uncluttered home. For customers, your homepage acts as a great snapshot of your products. So, you have to make it more attractive to get attention. Isn’t furniture a long-lasting investment? Make sure your website has uniqueness and does not look like any other website. The website is an identification mark of your brand, giving customers all the information they require at one place.

Here are some essential blocks for creating a home page.

  • The header should consist of a clear segmentation of categories.Your customers should be able to understand where to find what they need.
  • Deals of the day and weeks should be separated by themes of your furniture like traditional, contemporary etc.
  • Lifestyle shots of elegant rooms showcasing furniture should be in high resolution. Make the pictures talk!
  • Writing buying guides and blogs directing how customers can choose a particular product and from which category.
  • Content must be tailor made and unique for every single product.

Buying furniture and buying apparels are two very different things. People do not buy furniture instantly, it takes time, thought process and questions like:

  • Will this fit in my room?
  • Will it look good with the other furniture in my room?
  • What is the material used for making this furniture?
  • Will it last long?
  • Is the finish exactly the same as it seems? Or Do I have to assemble it?

When you manage to get the customers to the product page-what will you do to make them buy the product? They will browse through the websites reading descriptions and looking at the pictures. You don’t have a salesman here who is ready with a pitch to sell your product. You can only sell the products with superior quality images and great engaging content.

Here are some of the important things you need to keep in your mind while creating great product page content for your furniture website:

1. Photography


Feature-rich image.

  1. Lifestyle photographs in high resolution
  2. Zoom in photos and Close up shots show the details of the product – carving, metal detailing, designs, etc.
  3. Images in White background – This helps the customers to visualize the images against their rooms

2. Exclusive product content


The features should consist of the list of the product type, the collection it belongs to, finishes, construction material and other descriptive information

The specifications should include any certificates, warranty or technical information with necessary details of the product.
content_wrong_01        Dimensions:
This is the most important part. People are very concerned about the dimensions, and this should be well presented on the website in a very accurate manner and positioned at the correct place on the web page.

Unique copy:
Buying furniture is a very personal experience, everyone has a different choice. Basically, what your customer buys reflects their personal style. The copy should feature the USP of the product and then should also go about telling how this product will benefit their lives.

Running a furniture website is not as straightforward as running an electronic or apparel portal. People don’t buy furniture regularly, and hence you need to ensure that you give them sufficient information to make a decision. A fair amount of brainstorming is needed to ensure that your website portrays the style, quality and reliability of your products.


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