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Drupal 8 New: A Drupaler’s View

Drupal an Open-Source Community supported, Content Management System is currently maintained and developed by 6,30,000+ developers and users all over the globe. With huge amount of coverage on all possible aspects of Drupal, the Drupal’s Documentation team is providing great learning & right direction for people aspiring to gain an understanding on Drupal.

The Drupal community offers around 26, 949 Modules, 2001 Themes, 823 distributions for an astounding stats of 10,69,776 people in 230 countries who are using Drupal. It is rightly stated by an official Drupal website that

“Drupal is more than a software – It is a project and a community!”


An Insight on Drupal 8

The most talked about Drupal release is by far ‘Drupal 8’. The key points that make Drupal 8 interesting are listed below:

  • OOP approach
  • Symfony2
  • Twig Framework
  • Responsive in nature

Drupal 8 is the most ambitious & easy-to-use Drupal release till date. A few facts that back this statement are highlighted in the features below:

Drupal 8 Statistics
Drupal 8 Statistics

Drupal 8 Features

  • Drupal 8 has modern OOP approach, which eases the development process and flexibility of code reuse to great extent since inheritance, polymorphism, & encapsulation is on play.
  • It has nicer & improvised UI than D7, it is multilingual capability, also has HTML5 in it, It includes Views in core and contains fully responsive Core themes.
  • The backbone used in Drupal 8 is Symphony for OOPs approach, to provide all the strengths of OOPs programming.
  • The “Views” in Core are faster in execution & light weight in Drupal 8 as compared to earlier versions of Drupal.
  • Drupal 8 has powerful Multi-Lingual strengths and also provides great configuration capability which is highly useful & helpful in nature when we try reaching out global audiences since we can communicate in their language
  • Drupal 8 uses Twig Theming Framework engine which is flexible & fast in nature, comparatively secured template engine for PHP

Drupal 8 is by default Responsive in nature & design, hence supporting HTML5 to create a completely operational & compatible software with mobile devices of different sizes. It is more responsive to mobile device tablet since it has shrinking strengths of web elements with new admin toolbars having default mobile enabled features.

Drupal 8 has a file-system based configuration management system which means transferring configuration changes of the types such as content type, fields, views from development to production environment is easy & simple. Drupal 8 uses version control for configuration changes, hence “config” data can be separated from production data inside database in form of files

Drupal 8 has Web-Services strengths in-built with it. It is complaint of Web Services Context Core Initiative (WSCCI) which supports context which are smarter sensitive responses.

Popular external PHP libraries used by Drupal 8 are as follows:

  • ComposerDrupal 8_BLOG
  • PHPUnit
  • Guzzle
  • Zend Feed Component
  • Ascetic

Drupal 8 is considered to be highly mechanised and powerful in nature than earlier release of Drupal since it enables the Drupalers with power to innovate with a pace which is generally unmatchable. All these capabilities give Drupalers strength to achieve complex business demands with ease & comfort. It allows Drupalers to focus more on core requirements rather than site administration development & customization.

Hence Drupal 8 is the most awaited and talked about Drupal release for Drupalers because of its powerful features; Hence making Drupal 8 the most “COOL!” thing in Drupal world.

“A new dimension in Drupal which we Drupalers are awaiting to explore…!”


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