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AI Driven Ecommerce Accelerators

Leverage our AI tool to Enhance Your Ecommerce Operations

Innovative AI Tools for Superior Ecommerce Performance

We have harnessed the power of AI to create tools that gives brands and retailers a competitive edge in the market by being able to do better work, at a larger scale and lower cost. Our AI accelerators are designed to enhance data quality, streamline content creation, improve imagery, and provide deep market insights.

Athena Data Quality
to Automate Data
Quality Management

Athena helps you to automate the task of weeding out data quality issues in product and customer data. Our clients use it to check data consistency, adherence to keyword and brand guidelines, incorrect data, language and formatting issues. Our inbuilt dictionaries, rule engines and ML models ensure high quality data.

PC2 Product Content Creation to Enhance Product Pages with Quality Content

Quality product content is critical for high conversions in a website. It is also essential to enable hyper-personalised experiences acros omni-channels. Our PC2 A tool encompassing Wordsworth AI and Picture AI allows you to create every aspect of a product page – starting from the product title to A+ content and including imagery.

Picture AI - Streamline
Creative Production

Creating hyper-personalized experiences across omni-channel require high quality photoshoots, creatives and imagery; in multiple variations, formats and sises. This can quickly become very expensive to produce. Our Picture AI imaging tools helps you to replace manual work helping your designers create creatives at scale.

Trend Scouter - Stay
Ahead with Market Insights

Winning in the market requires you to stay on top of your competition. Our Trend Scouter tool allows you to track the basics like price and availability; but goes beyond to also track consumer insights – think the latest styles in fashion – and more.
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