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Data Security Standards and Compliance

Robust Data Privacy and Compliance Solutions for E-commerce Customers and Suppliers

Implement Compliance from the Core - Data Layer

We offer a comprehensive suite of data privacy and compliance solutions tailored for ecommerce businesses. Our offerings are designed to secure customer and supplier data, ensure regulatory adherence, and build trust. Our advanced, AI-driven solutions help you achieve robust data protection, seamless compliance, and enhanced customer confidence.


We help our customers ensure adherence to global data protection regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA

and Security

We help our customers implement robust encryption methods to protect sensitive customer and supplier information. As a part of Privacy Management, we conduct regular assessments to identify and mitigate privacy risks.


Our AI-Based Incident Response Management solution leverages advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of responding to security incidents. This service ensures that your ecommerce business can quickly identify, contain, and mitigate security threats, minimizing potential damage and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.


Our Incident L1, L2 Support services provide comprehensive, tiered support to manage and resolve incidents efficiently. This structured approach ensures that your ecommerce operations can maintain high availability and performance, with quick resolution times for any issues that arise.
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