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    Setting up an eCommerce business is just the first simple step in a very complex process that ends in profitability. With such a huge digital market, attaining stability and profitability in this highly-competitive eCommerce arena becomes nothing short of a Digital Battle that requires an Outstanding Strategy, an Ace if you will; and unless you got one up your sleeve, life in the digital space isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Lucky for you, we’ve got Athena Rule Engine — a versatile and adaptive software that you need in your war chest to be ahead of the competition.

    What is Athena you ask?


    When you’re fighting a war on the e-commerce front against fierce competition, every dollar you save counts. This is where Athena shines the brightest.

    To break it down; Athena is a rule-based Quality Assurance (QA) tool, engineered by Iksula’s proficient team of Tech Wizards to increase productivity in an organization by reducing the possibility of manual errors while cataloging products.

    The Athena Rule Engine (ARE) is a fully customizable rule-based QA automation tool and workspace for content quality assurance. Initially designed for E-commerce cataloging QA in Iksula’s Content Operations, ARE has since been customized and repurposed for use in various different industries such as Offline Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive and Aeronautical parts, Legal Services as well as in Pharmaceutical Companies.

    Athena was engineered to handle large volumes of content and comprehensively check user data, thus ensuring maximum value addition and cost dividend.

    The Athena Rule Engine is capable of maintaining the Content Quality of each cataloged product, even when dealing with millions of listings.

    How will Athena Rule Engine Benefit you?


    QA cost in an e-commerce organization traditionally makes up for little over 30% of all content expenses. The Athena Rule Engine is customized to aid in cutting content cost, improving content quality, and reducing turn-around time (TAT). Here’s a more in-depth look at the HOW:

    In Terms of Cutting Cost and Increasing Revenue Athena is Capable of –

    • Drastically reducing the possibility of rework, thereby increasing output levels
    • Reducing TAT through automated quality checks that aid in pinpointing and eliminating errors
    • Reduces reliance on manual effort in the Quality Assurance process
    • Increases the lifetime revenue from each product listing, while decreasing warehousing cost

    In Terms of Increasing Quality and Improving Productivity Athena is Capable of –

    • Eliminating formatting errors by applying them universally or attribute-wise
    • Entering exceptions in the rules for certain listings or products
    • Helping you easily detect any guideline errors
    • Comprehensive grammar and spelling quality checks improve quality

    Athena Rule Engine Capabilities


    These factors combine to cut your Quality Assurance costs by up to 50% while reducing the time-to-market by up to 10%. Once implemented, this quality assurance system is also capable of increasing productivity levels. Impressive isn’t it, how one nifty tool can make such a huge difference in content operations!

    E-commerce Sales Forecast: 2014 – 2021


    Today 8 in 10 Americans prefer online retail stores over malls and supermarkets. That’s a whopping 79% of the population. And it’s a figure that’ll only increase in the years to come.

    Surviving and thriving in the e-commerce space takes no shortage of commitment, hard work, dedication, and investment. To safeguard your investment and ensure it brings in the returns you seek down the line, you need every Ace you can find.

    In any case, you can always bank on Athena. This QA testing tool can easily tackle challenges and roadblocks at every stage of your business, thereby allowing it to grow and thrive.

    The Experts

    Iksula has amassed considerable expertise in all things Digital over the past decade – Building Websites, Applications and Automation Tools that have help businesses all around the world attain stability, growth, and profitability.

    When the key to success on the Digital Front rests on QA Automation, Athena won’t fail to impress.

    Get in touch with us at to know how your business can prosper and thrive with Athena.


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