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What You Need to Know about Responsive Website Design

As more and more people access the internet via mobile devices, responsive website design has seen a widespread adoption in the last five years. If the words responsive web design (RWD) doesn’t ring any bells, don’t fret – the term was coined in 2010 and is more popular with techies rather than marketers. Simply put,…

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Tips to Improve Load Time and Speed of your E-commerce Platform

No need to iterate the importance of page load time of an e-commerce website, the thumb rule is that page load time matters. Irrespective of whether it’s a high traffic portal or niche online store, below are some tips that will help improve performance of e-commerce web application (website or underlying server application powering mobile…

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Top 5 Tips for your SEO Strategy to be Mobile Ready

It is hard to imagine going about your daily routine without a mobile phone today. From calls to messages, mails to entertainment and a lot more, smartphones, in particular have become the norm among people all over the world. A large percent of shopping searches and purchases are carried out on smartphones as well. This is one of the main reasons that more and more businesses are looking to cater to the smartphone using population. 

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Mobile Optimization: A Boon or Bane?

mobilityHave you'll heard of the phrase 'you can like me, you can hate me, but you cannot ignore me.' Well this definitely holds true for mobile optimization. Whether you think of it as a fruitful upgrade or an unnecessary spend, mobile optimization has become a must.

In a research conducted by Silverpop, worldwide tablet shipments are estimated to grow 70% in 2014 and increase by over 300% over  a five year time from 2012 to 2017. Mobile phones will show nice 80% growth over the same five years and smartphones will capture a greater share of the market. PC shipments are forecasted to decline by 20% over five years.

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3 SEO activities you need to stop TODAY!

So here's a list of top 3 SEO activities that seriously need to be stopped asap.


1. Forceful Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking is, according to me, the most widely exploited off-page SEO technique in the history of online marketing so far. No kidding. There are agencies which build you over a 1000 links every day on poor old or or any other “Top 20 Social Bookmarking sites” as they like to popularly call it. Just stop. For the love of God and every soul which once loved Stumble Upon or Tumblr or whatever, but today, finds them irrevocably polluted. Brotha, you’ve gotta stop. These links hardly get you any traffic and as far as “SBM helps crawl pages faster”, I’d say – “Are you living in the 90s?” Okay, 20 years is a big deal in online stratum and you know it.

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How do I do SEO in 2014?

seo-is-not-deadUndoubtedly, the hottest query among everyone remotely associated with the online marketing segment remains “Is SEO dead?” Yes, it is.

Well, traditional-off page-gray hat-build 1000 links-SEO is dead, for sure. Having said that, on page SEO is still the boss. Obviously, because it involves implementing quality content on your website, seeding relevant keywords (seeding, not stuffing), properly interlinking your website for a smooth user experience and taking care of the hygiene HTML (geeky stuff).

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