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Large Multinational & Multi Brand Conglomerate with turnover in excess of $0.5 billion

About Client

A leading omnichannel innerwear brand in the Middle East with a strong Magento ecommerce platform and presence in brick-and-mortar stores. This established innerwear brand in the Middle East is known for its high-quality garments and caters to a fashion-conscious audience.

Client: Leading Innerwear Brand

Region : Middle East

Industry : Fashion

The Challenge

Middle Eastern innerwear brands struggle to personalize the customer journey across online and offline channels.

Despite an omnichannel presence with Magento platform, the brand lacked a unified view of customer data, hindering personalized product recommendations, marketing campaigns, and in-store experiences hindering customer engagement and conversion rates.

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The Solution

Iksula implemented a comprehensive personalization strategy using a Customer Data Platform (CDP). The CDP unified customer data from Magento and other touchpoints (website, app, loyalty program) to create a single customer view. This view fueled personalized experiences across channels.

Unified Customer Profiles: The CDP creates a single view of each Customer, encompassing purchase history, browsing behavior, demographics, and preferences.

Setup of AI-powered Personalization Engine: Iksula leverages AI to analyze Customer data and predict preferences. This enables real-time Personalization across channels. 

Omnichannel Orchestration: The solution integrates seamlessly with Magento and in-store systems, delivering a consistent personalized experience across touchpoints.

Business Metric Improvement

Iksula’s personalization solution led to significant improvements in key business metrics:

Increased Conversion Rate: Personalized product recommendations resulted in a 20% uplift in conversion rates on the Magento store.

Improved Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV): Personalized marketing campaigns led to a 15% increase in average order value and repeat purchases.

Streamlined Operations: Iksula’s CDP simplified customer data management, saving time and resources for marketing and sales teams.

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