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AI-Powered Platform for Streamlined Demand, Distribution, and Purchase Planning

About Client

A global leader in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with a vast product portfolio across multiple regions and distribution channels

Client: Leading FMCG Brand

Region :

Industry : FMCG

The Challenge

Inaccurate demand forecasting leads to stockouts and excess inventory, impacting profitability for a major FMCG company

The client’s traditional demand planning process relies on historical data and lacks agility. This results in missed sales opportunities due to stockouts and unnecessary warehousing costs from excess inventory.

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The Solution

Iksula streamlines the entire supply chain by providing a unified platform for forecasting demand, optimizing distribution networks, and generating optimized purchase plans.

Iksula implements an AI-powered platform to streamline demand, distribution, and purchase planning across the client’s entire supply chain. Iksula’s platform integrates with the client’s existing systems and utilizes machine learning to analyze vast amounts of data, including historical sales, promotional activities, weather patterns, and social media trends.


Advanced Demand Forecasting: The platform predicts future demand with greater accuracy, considering internal and external factors.


Optimized Distribution Planning: Iksula recommends optimal inventory levels for regional warehouses and distribution centers, minimizing transportation costs and stockouts.


Data-driven Purchase Planning: The platform generates precise purchase orders for raw materials and finished goods, ensuring efficient production and cost control.


Business Metric Improvement

Real-time data provided greater visibility across the supply chain, fostering improved collaboration between departments. Iksula’s AI-powered solution demonstrably improved the client’s supply chain performance:

  • Visibility and control over distribution cost, reducing it by 30% ensuring OTIF.
  • Reduced production average inventory days to 15 days across DC.
  • Reduced Stockouts by 20%: Accurate demand forecasts minimized stockouts, leading to higher sales and customer satisfaction.
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