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Streamline International Shipping for Global Marketplace Sellers with Iksula’s Cloud-Based Platform

About Client

Leading global online marketplace with millions of active buyers and sellers, facilitating billions of dollars in annual transactions.

Client: Large Online Marketplace

Region : US

Industry : Retail

The Challenge

Sellers on the marketplace struggle with complex international shipping processes, hindering their ability to compete in the global marketplace.

Sellers on the marketplace face challenges in managing international shipping, including high costs, limited carrier options, and a lack of transparency in the shipping process. This complexity discourages them from expanding their reach to global markets, particularly the lucrative US market.

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The Solution

Iksula developed a shipping portal with comprehensive features to empower marketplace sellers.

Product Development Approach: Iksula adopted a meticulous approach, encompassing:

Product Roadmap & User Research: In-depth interviews with marketplace sellers identified key pain points and desired functionalities. This formed the basis for the product roadmap.

UI/UX Design: User-centered design principles ensured a clear, intuitive interface for seamless user experience. Prototyping facilitated iterative testing and refinement.

Development & Integration: Agile development ensured rapid iteration and delivery. Iksula integrated with leading Indian and international shipping providers.

Business Metric Improvement

Streamlined shipping management for sellers freed up valuable resources for the marketplace to focus on platform improvements. Global Powership significantly improved the international shipping experience for both Indian sellers and US buyers on marketplace:

  1. Increased Sales for Sellers: Simplified shipping processes led to a 20% growth in sales for sellers targeting the US market.
  2. Reduced Shipping Costs: AI-powered partner selection ensured competitive shipping rates, resulting in an average cost reduction of 15% for sellers.
  3. Enhanced Buyer Experience: Real-time tracking and faster delivery times improved customer satisfaction for US buyers, leading to a 10% increase in positive seller feedback.
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