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Unlock Valuable Customer Insights with Comprehensive Data Science and Analytics Solutions

About Client

A leading pest management company with over 600 service centers across 500 cities, providing comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Client: Pest Management Company

Region : US

Industry : Utilities

The Challenge

Client struggled to leverage customer data to improve retention and personalize service offerings.

Client lacked a data-driven approach to understand customer behavior, predict churn, and personalize service recommendations. This hinders customer retention and limits opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

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The Solution

Iksula implemented a cloud-based solution that integrates with client’s CRM and operational systems, enabling comprehensive customer data analysis. Iksula’s data science solution empowers client to unlock the potential of their customer data:

Customer Segmentation & LTV Analysis: Iksula identified distinct customer segments based on demographics, service history, and spending patterns. This allowed targeted marketing campaigns and service bundling to maximize customer lifetime value (LTV).

Service Quality & NPS Tracking: Iksula built a custom Net Promoter Score (NPS) equivalent model to measure customer satisfaction with specific services and technicians. This data helped client identify areas for improvement and ensure consistent service quality across locations.

Market Basket Analysis: Iksula analyzed past customer purchases to identify patterns and recommend relevant add-on services or pest control products, driving upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Predictive Churn Management: Analyzed customer behavior to predict churn risk. Client then proactively intervened with personalized retention offers to reduce customer turnover.


Business Metric Improvement

Iksula empowered client to make data-driven decisions regarding service offerings, pricing strategies, and resource allocation. Iksula’s data science solution led to significant improvements in customer retention and revenue generation for client:

Reduced Customer Churn: Predictive churn models and targeted retention campaigns decreased customer churn by 15%, leading to a more loyal customer base.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Service quality tracking helped client identify and address service issues promptly, resulting in a 10% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Increased Revenue: Market basket analysis and personalized recommendations boosted upsell and cross-sell rates, generating an additional 20% revenue per customer.

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