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Iksula Personalization Solution Drives Growth for Middle Eastern Innerwear Brand

About Client

Our client is a KSA-based hardware and home improvement retailer with an annual revenue of $1BN+. The retailer offers a wide range of products including tools, building materials, home décor, and appliances. They aim to provide one-stop shopping convenience for consumers engaged in home improvement projects.

Client: Home Improvement Retailer

Region : Saudi Arabia

Industry : Retail

The Challenge

In 2021, the client launched an ecommerce website to capture the growing online retail market. However, they encountered issues with poor website taxonomy and an underdeveloped product catalog that hampered user experience, searchability, and overall sales performance.

Poor catalog quality and taxonomy translating to subpar conversions on site, and in marketplaces

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The Solution

To address these challenges, our domain experts did a project to develop an optimized taxonomy for the website. We created detailed content guidelines and image guidelines to ensure consistency across categories. 

Our team then undertook comprehensive catalog operations, which included sourcing product data, copywriting, and standardizing images for around 45K+ SKUs over three years. We also managed the SAP Commerce Cloud to ensure seamless integration and uploading of product content.

Optimized Taxonomy: Conducted competition research and created a structured taxonomy

Content and Image Guidelines: Established guidelines to standardize content and images, along with search keyword guidelines

Catalog Management: Sourced data, performed copywriting, and standardized images for 45K+ SKUs. We used our Athena and PC2 accelerators to create high quality content. 

SAP Commerce Cloud Backend Management: Uploaded and managed content on the Hybris backend

Marketplace Listings: Listings on Amazon and Noon, including Arabic translations and enhanced search keywords

Business Metric Improvement

Our solutions resulted in a significant improvement in the customer experience. The optimized taxonomy and high-quality catalog content improved better searchability and findability, positively impacting conversion rates in the product page.

By managing marketplace listings and providing translated content, we expanded their market reach and improved brand visibility.

Enhanced website taxonomy leading to a 30% increase in on-site search success rate.

Managed and standardized content for 45K+ SKUs over three years.

Successful marketplace listings on Amazon and Noon with a 20% increase in online sales.

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