Magento: Service modules approach in Adobe Commerce to enhance functionality


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    Exploring the Adobe Commerce Services Connector


    In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, merchants need robust tools and services to support their business operations. Adobe offers a comprehensive suite of Commerce, integration, and data services designed to assist merchants in critical aspects of their operations. From product recommendations and live search capabilities to payment services and integration with the Adobe Experience Platform, these services empower merchants to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive revenue. This article explores the core elements of Adobe’s Commerce Services Connector and how they can benefit merchants in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.


    Commerce Services Connector Architecture:

    At the heart of Adobe’s Commerce services is the Commerce Services Connector, which comprises various core elements. Let’s delve into each of these elements and understand their functionalities.


    Commerce Services:

    1. Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei: With artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, Adobe Sensei analyzes aggregated visitor data and combines it with the merchant’s Adobe Commerce catalog to provide highly engaging, relevant, and personalized product recommendations. This powerful marketing tool boosts conversions, drives revenue, and enhances shopper engagement.

    2. Live Search: Live Search replaces the standard search capabilities of Adobe Commerce. Installed as a standalone package, Live Search connects to the Commerce installation as a service. It utilizes advanced SEO techniques to improve search functionality and appears in the Commerce Admin under the Marketing menu. Merchants can customize and manage search facets, synonyms, and merchandising rules to optimize customer search experience.

    3. Catalog Service: Designed to optimize the product experience for customers, Catalog Service improves performance, scalability, and conversions. It enables Adobe Commerce system administrators to install and maintain the service while integrators build GraphQL queries to integrate on the storefront. This separation of roles ensures efficient management and seamless integration of the service.

    Payment Services:

    Adobe’s Payment Services facilitate a smooth and satisfying payment experience for customers. Merchants can easily offer various payment methods, including interest-free installments, and gain a single view into payment processing, orders, and invoices. The Payment Services include an Admin interface for configuration and reporting and a command-line interface (CLI) for installation and backend tasks.


    Channel Manager:

    For merchants selling on Walmart Marketplace, Adobe offers Channel Manager, which extends the Commerce Admin. With Channel Manager installed, store administrators and operations staff can seamlessly manage Walmart/Amazon Marketplace sales, inventory, and product pricing from the Commerce environment. This integration streamlines operations and simplifies multi-channel selling.


    Data Services:

    Experience Platform Connector: Adobe Commerce merchants can leverage the connection between Adobe Commerce and the Adobe Experience Platform. This integration allows merchants to utilize Commerce data for other Adobe Experience Cloud products like Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. By combining data from various sources, merchants can gain deeper insights and create more personalized customer experiences.


    Integration Services:

    Catalog Sync: Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source utilize indexers to compile catalog data into tables. The Catalog Sync process, triggered automatically by events like product price changes or inventory updates, continuously exports product data from the Commerce server to Commerce services. It ensures that services like Product Recommendations can access accurate and up-to-date catalog information for providing relevant recommendations.




    Adobe’s Commerce Services Connector offers a comprehensive suite of services to support merchants in various aspects of their eCommerce operations. From powerful product recommendations and enhanced search capabilities to seamless payment services and integration with the Adobe Experience Platform, these services empower merchants to provide exceptional customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth. By leveraging Adobe’s Commerce services, merchants can stay ahead in the competitive digital marketplace and achieve their business goals effectively.



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