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Magento-Oracle Architecture Decoded

magentoWhy is Magento Oracle Integration Required?

Magento is the world’s fastest-growing open Source eCommerce platform. In addition to being one of the first-movers to adopt this versatile solution, we are one of the first Implementation partners of Magento.

Oracle is widely used in all major store by the big merchants. Oracle Database provides data consistency across all platforms; and these database can be built according to client’s requirements. Oracle database offers flexible architecture for maximum versatility and performance.

Oracle provides a dedicated enterprise eCommerce technology, which involves several disparate layers of hardware and software, mostly integrated onsite working together to provide a robust and scalable solution for seamless transition between the Oracle and Magento platform.

The Oracle-Magento connector enables you to easily synchronize data through the magento api to minimize the load on the magento server. There are many ways for handling synchronization from magento to oracle and vice versa or both the ways.

Iksula connector bridges the magento and oracle database without downgrading the performance of magento website. This bridge ensures that there is a continuous and uninterrupted flow of information, which will help you to efficiently use time, increase productivity, and scale efficiently with full automation of your sales and customer data.

Even oracle database can be integrated with all the major ERP System across the world.e.g. ERP System Includes SAP,PeopleSoft and Oracle app itself. To optimize the performance of a  Magento Website and Magento Backend the System should be centralised with single data center(Oracle Database). Centralized Oracle database provides easy connectivity to any ERP System or any CRM System.

What we achieved by doing this?

With the help of this integration we can achieve:

  • Multi-system integration with centralised database, and easily manage Live Inventory (Online Inventory with Offline Inventory).

  • Perform data mining operations without affecting website performance.

  • The Oracle Architecture allows us to build a bridge from your existing Oracle ERP system to Magento’s database to ensure a continuous flow of data. This channel retrieves all data from the ERP including newly created orders, financials, inventory and order processing and automatically adjusts product updates and inventory into Magento database in real time.
  • As the given system is portable, it can be integrated with any system with the help of web services.

    Magento Oracle Architecture

The Current Architecture can be easily used by ecommerce system, we just have to pass the data to connector in appropriate format. For example, an eCommerce system in Prestashop can easily pass the data from Prestashop to Current architecture with the help of Web Services (SOAP or REST).


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