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If the last decade has thought businesses anything, it’s that they can no longer ignore the power search engines possess. And their website is just a small pearl in a vast ocean. But whether or not that pearl washes ashore or stays hidden in the depths of the ocean depends entirely on you.


But enough of the metaphor that’s attempting to appropriately capture the importance of a running a successful search engine optimization campaign. SEO is the ‘pillar stones’ for any successful digital business. And while most digital business owners are well-acquainted with the term search engine optimization, not many of them understand the age of “dominating the rankings with rich anchor text links” has long since passed.

With so many competitors out there, creating a successful SEO campaign that will thrive in an ever-changing digital space is no picnic. Here, we have compiled all you need to know before you create your next SEO campaign.image8

The All-important First Step Is Often the Most Difficult One to Take  

Identifying your target audience should be the basis of any SEO campaign. The primary purpose of a search engine optimization campaign is to ensure your website is accessible to consumers actively seeking your products or services.

Understand whether your buyers are from a particular city, state, country, continent or the entire world (On-duty astronauts aren’t something you should be concerned about). Find out their age, their gender, pull out all the information that’s available.

Let Us Do the Math for You

image2Once you know your target audience, you now need to begin the analysis (Not their analysis of course but that of your website). Recording baseline metrics of the site is the goal of the analysis. Well, that and examining analytics information, web traffic, keywords, on-page factors that affect rankings, and the even the site’s content management system (CMS).

Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Not Keywords


The struggle to get a top spot in Google’s and Bing’s search engines is real, whether you believe it or not. Finding the right keywords for your website requires the perfect balance of keyword research and common sense.

The long-term success of your SEO campaign to a significant extent hinges on keyword research. Long tail keywords and lateral keywords are often less competitive and show notable conversion figures. The central aspect of this research is to understand what keywords to focus on.

Not All Links Are Created Equal

image7Once you’ve got the keyword part of your strategy nailed down, you’ll have to move on to link building. Website content should contain links to other pages of the site with keywords in the anchor text. A page with more than 150 words of content should ideally include at least two to three keywords. You won’t receive any additional SEO benefits by filling the content on the same page with multiple keyword links.

Websites with poor link quality don’t get the intended results. In turn, this can do significant harm to your current ranking as well. Google doesn’t take kindly to poor link quality. Creating lasting connections rather than just earning a backlink is the key purpose of link building.

The Digital Trinity

image1 (1)

Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing are the three pillars on which any and every Digital Marketing strategy rests. Content, SEO, and SMM work in tandem to improve the presence of any online business.

Content marketing is designed to help entertain and inform your targeted audience, social media marketing is about promoting that content, while search engine optimization helps users find your content.

When the three of them work in sync, they help increase relevant web traffic. Having likes, posts, shares, comments, and followers on the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can significantly increase the scope and reach of your brand.


At the end of the day, a poorly executed SEO campaign can cost you dearly. Even if traffic on your website seems high, it can often be a blunt face lie. The measure of a successful search engine optimization campaign depends on how much money your business generates.

You will find out that setting up a successful campaign requires a carefully thought out strategic blueprint. The poor implementation of an SEO campaign can cost you dearly both in terms of business and ranking visibility.

Iksula is one such expert that can equip you with an impactful SEO strategy.

With little over half a decade of experience under its belt, Iksula is run by a group of digital pioneers that are more than capable of ushering in a new era of success and stability, one that your digital business will thrive on.

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