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The 5 pillars for a brand eCommerce playbook

Personalization is an essential eCommerce technique for connecting with consumers. No matter what industry you work in, understanding buyer behaviour is crucial to creating personal messages and specific product offerings.

But, with the rapid evolution of technology, consumers have found new ways to shop. As a result, you can unlock new opportunities for analyzing how they interact with your products. With this insight comes the potential to tap into the power of hyper-personalization. This is where you can use data to create tailored shopping experiences that resonate with each and every one of your customers!

With the average customer attention span being 8 seconds, you need to provide relevant information as soon as a buyer views your product. Great eCommerce personalization addresses pain points immediately and ensures consumers save time on product research, which will, in turn, build customer loyalty.

When brands tap into hyper-personalization they are able to:


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