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Transforming Product Catalog Management

World’s largest home improvement retailer in US

Transforming Product Catalog Management with ML-Trained Accelerator and AI-Based Solutions, reducing TAT and increasing competition insights


Iksula has been a valued partner for over 5 years, in this customer’s SKU lifecycle journey. From onboarding vendor content to the final stage of launching products with the highest quality content, Iksula has played a critical role in driving the success of our customer’s business. By leveraging our expertise in in ML and AI-based solutions developed by iksula specifically to meet this customer’s unique needs, we were able to eliminate manual intervention in the data quality process thereby  reducing the time required for supplier products to go live. Additionally, our readily-available catalog and developed insight platform for competition insights has enabled our customer to make more informed merchandise decisions.


About the Customer

The customer is the world’s largest home improvement retailer offering a one-stop shopping experience for do-it-yourself with products across  furniture, appliances, décor, lighting, building materials, plumbing, kitchen, bath, power tools and much more.

The Problem

  • The customer required a large volume of product catalog to be uploaded to their website in a short span of time
  • As the product catalog templates were checked manually, the deliverable quality wasn’t up to the mark
  • A number of errors were not captured due to large volumes and dependency on human efforts for quality checks
  • As a result, there were many instances of reworks, which led to an increase in the turnaround time (TAT)
  • Outdated data & lack of competition insights for sourcing/ assortment planning
  • SKUs requested by suppliers are not readily available & higher turn around time to go-live 

Iksula Engagement, solution and journey summary over last 5 years

Product Lifecycle Transformation

  • Content Enrichment including data sourcing, SEO based copy & Imaging
  • Data Quality platform(Athena)  implementation with user friendly rule builder, AI based image data quality check; replaced Oracle EDQ & integrated with vendor portal & PIM
  • Developed a prefilled catalog for faster supplier onboarding; scrapped 200MN+ SKUs across 4 competitions; designed a dashboard for competition insights on assortment, price, fill rate etc.

Customer Data Management:

  • Team of paralegals for handling customer data privacy requests
  • Analysis of customer requests for meaningful insights
  • More than 50k+ request served so far

Key Business Benefits

Product Lifecycle Transformation

  • Reduced the TAT to 2-3 days from 10-11 days by improving FTR using Six Sigma tools like pareto, eliminating rework with average 98.99% quality score
  • 6x speed, 50% cost saving using Athena compared to Oracle EDQ
  • Assortment insights via prefilled catalog to easily fill gap in existing catalog; faster supplied onboarding 

Customer Data Management:

  • Brand reputation is intact as 0 customer complaints have been received since 15 months of operation 
  • TAT per customer request closure is under 2 days as compared to 4 days SLA


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