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AI-powered Solutions to revolutionize e-commerce Product Content Management

Deploying AI tools in e-commerce product content management helps improve cart conversions and reduce operation costs. At Iksula, we’re combining our 15+ years of expertise with latest AI technologies to transform the way brands craftcompelling product descriptions, optimize images, and personalize content. With our solutions, brands can drive deepercustomer engagement, higher conversions and lower cost of operations. Join us in embracing the future of e-commerce content creation and see how AI can transform your brand’s online presence.

Benefits of AI in E-commerce Content Creation

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Automate content creation processes, saving time and resources.
  • Improved Quality: Human editorial layer ensures consistency, accuracy, and relevance in product listings.
  • Personalized Experiences: Develop a better understanding of customer needs to deliver tailored content experiences.
  • Competitive Advantage: Faster time to market and higher operational agility brings significant competitive advantages

Delivering content that converts, powered with AI / ML tools and Athena data quality engine.

Iksula has been a leading product content partner for the largest global eCommerce players for 15+ years. We have married our domain expertise with AI / ML technologies to deliver customer-focused content for everything from taxonomy and imaging to videography and product copy.

Product content is where the buying decision gets done, and therefore the most critical part of the buyer’s journey. Product content needs to address the most important questions about the product. We capture data at scale, which are than passed through AI / ML engines, and finally moderated by humans to create content which truly matters for customers.

Avoid up to 95% of content related mistakes and win customers.

On average, a product has 15 attributes, which can go up to 80+ for some product lines. The accuracy and amount of information directly impact the purchase rate and return numbers. That’s why attributes are usually enumerated across the product page in different sections (title, product copy, feature bullets, images, etc.). However, dealing with large-scale information can lead to unwanted errors, which can negatively impact the sales and reputation of the business.

Iksula’s Athena Data Quality tool makes it easy to avoid mistakes in large data processes. With just a few simple steps, you can set up the tool and start avoiding common mistakes like formatting errors, data mismatches, and grammar issues in your product catalogues. In fact, the tool is so effective that it can help you avoid up to 95% of these types of mistakes.

Access valuable insights and the latest trends for your business.

Stay ahead of the competition with Product Content tracking services. Our team monitors millions of SKUs worldwide to uncover valuable insights and trends. From new product introductions and top sellers to content benchmarking and pricing analysis, we have you covered.

Maximize the value of your eCommerce data with our proprietary ML dictionaries and analytics models. Our team can help you track important trends and build proprietary models to suit your specific needs. With our data sets and analytics, you can stay on top of trending categories and products, price and shipping charges, and content and taxonomy benchmarking.

PIM service that addresses each customer’s needs effectively.

A Product Information Management (PIM) system is essential for any eCommerce business looking to streamline and optimize its product information. With a PIM system, you can ensure that your product information is accurate, consistent, and up-to-date across all sales channels. This not only helps improve conversions and reduce returns, but it also makes it easier for your internal teams to collaborate and manage all your product content. As you scale your eCommerce business, investing in a PIM system becomes a necessity for growth and success.

Iksula’s PIM implementation can help your customer discover your products easily, improve available product content, drive purchase decisions and strengthen the postpurchase experience.

How It Works

Iksula has 15 years of experience in creating product content for large brands and retailers. We have been investing in AI
capabilities to create value for our customers. Our Product Content Suite – PC2 has multiple underlying components that
deliver all round value to our customers

  1. Our TrendScouter tool captures more than half a billion SKUs which gives us insights into the best practices in creating product content
  2. Our WordsworthAI tool – helps you to create high-quality product titles and copy
  3. Our PittoreAI tool helps you to create alternate product and lifestyle images to enhance your product presentation
  4. The Athena data quality layer ensures every part of the created product page meets all your brand guidelines and legal requirements

Success Stories

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You can learn more about the innovation we are doing with Gen AI to create ecommerce product content in this ppt.

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