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Product Content Optimization

World’s largest online retailers in the home category based in US


Iksula has had a 14+ year partnership with our esteemed customer. During this time, we have assisted them in enhancing the customer purchasing experience by utilizing our expertise in product cataloging, implementing industry-standard quality checks for catalogs, deploying skilled paralegals and fraud analysts to detect and prevent fraudulent orders, and implementing a proprietary in-house reconciliation tool to efficiently reconcile invoice payments and clear any backlogs.

About the Customer

The customer is one of the world’s largest online retailers in the home category. Through the use of technology and innovation, it makes it possible for shoppers to quickly and easily find exactly what they want. The company offers a vast selection of over 18 million items, including home furnishings, decor, home improvement, and housewares.

The Problem

The customer was facing significant challenges with a long turnaround time for onboarding and launching a large volume of SKUs. This resulted in lost sales opportunities and a suboptimal customer experience. The customer also required image editing and tagging to train their in-house ML/AI algorithms and lacked the resources to effectively catch possible fraudulent orders. Furthermore, there was a backlog of pending payments that needed reconciliation which caused difficulties for the customer to manage their finances.



Iksula’s Engagement

Below is the summary of engagement with the customer over a span of 14+ years:

  1. Cataloging Operations:
    We preprocessed SKUs, attributed SKUs for all categories, and provided both English and German content writing to enhance the organization and accuracy of the customer’s product catalog

  2. Finance Operations:
    We provided invoicing solutions to the customer including reconciliation, invoice processing, and payment clearance to streamline their financial process

  3. Legal & Fraud & Scam:
    We analyzed all online transactions on the website and caught probable fraud payments and orders to ensure that the customer’s customers could shop with confidence, knowing that their transactions were secure

  4. Image Editing & Media Ops:
    We tagged shape and sizes of images, edited the images per guidelines, and tagged multiple products in an environmental image to train the customer’s in-house ML/AI algorithms and improve the customer experience

Overall, we were able to help the customer improve their customer buying experience, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and streamline their internal processes.


Key Business Benefits

  • Significant reduction in the turnaround time (TAT) for onboarding a large volume of SKUs
  • The processing speed for goods receipt note (GRN) and invoice clearance was increased by 30%, resulting in faster ticket clearing and cost savings
  • The TAT for invoice clearance was also brought down to under one day for each 1,500 accounts payable requests, from three days previously
  • The solution also enabled the customer’s legal team to efficiently analyze current contracts and extract key clauses for future reference. This, in turn, freed up the data management aspect of the project, allowing key legal personnel to focus on critical tasks
  • Increase in the fraud catch rate from 85% to 89%, while maintaining a false catch rate for fraud orders under 1%


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