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Digital Asset Management Solution by Iksula

Enhancing Product Information Management  for business users and partners


The customer faced a multitude of challenges with managing their product information across various teams. Iksula built a DAM and a catalog app for better management & sharing of product and brand assets.

About the Customer

The customer is a leading company in the refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) industry. They offer a wide range of products and services related to RAC, catering to both residential and commercial customers. With their expertise in this field, the customer has established itself as a leader in the RAC industry, providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer support.

What the customer was looking for:

The customer faced challenges with managing and sharing product information, as everything was done via email, resulting in multiple versions of the same product being published. Additionally, trade partners had no access to the content or catalog for the customer’s products in key markets such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. These products include electronics, fashion, beauty, baby, home & kitchen items.


How did Iksula help?

Iksula built a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution on Drupal and a Mobile app. The DAM solution automates access to a repository for all products and brand-related digital assets. It also implements various workflows such as launching new products, changing existing products, and promoting products. The mobile app, called Catalog App, is for trade partners and uses the DAM as its backend. It allows users to view product catalogs, share them via WhatsApp and email, receive push notifications about product promotions, add products to a wishlist, and search and filter through the catalog.


How did the customer benefit from this engagement?

The benefits of the solution are multifold. 

  • Brand Perspective: the Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution created by Iksula provides a centralized hub for all of a brand’s digital assets. This allows for easy organization and access to all of a brand’s digital assets in one place.
  • Sales perspective: the DAM solution sets up a single source for all up-to-date brand assets. This allows for a customized view of content promotion, banners, and videos, making it easy for sales teams to access the assets they need to effectively promote the brand.
  • Retailers perspective: the DAM solution creates a single-point access for branded content. This allows retailers to easily access and view relevant catalog and media assets, making it easier for them to promote the brand in-store. 

Additionally, custom views were created for retailers to see only the relevant assets. The solution also facilitates efficient approval workflow management and allows for moving from ad-hoc updates to content sync scheduling which results in a more structured way of updating the assets.


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