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PC2 Key Features

Product Content Creator (PC2) is an AI-enabled platform developed by Iksula to leverage Generative AI and automate eCommerce product content creation. PC2 uses ChatGPT, Google Translate and Image editing tools to create high quality product content at scale. The key features available in PC2 are as follows:

AI-driven copywriting – Produces human-like and personalized content instantly and offers a highly scalable solution. There is an option to write for bulk products that can save time and meet deadlines faster. It can further reduce the cost of deploying resources for copywriting. PC2 suite can create effective marketing copies, blogs, feature bullets, user guides.

Attribute extraction – When data is provided in an excel sheet this tool can extract product specifications from such input data. Thus creating a list of product attributes is easy with this tool. You can use information provided by the brand for inputs.

AI translation –  It uses machine learning algorithms to synthesize data and applies vocabulary of 10 mn + words trained over 3 years. It can identify patterns in parts of speech, resolve ambiguities and synthesize information into components and structure of the language you want to create the copy in.

A+ Content creation– PC2 is also equipped with automated enriched content creation features. It has an in-built layout builder wherein you can select multiple templates. You also get pre-defined rules to fetch content and populate templates. You will obtain HTMLized ready to use content.


Product Video uploading– This feature is in the pipeline and will soon be available.

Key business benefits

  • The AI copy is a highly scalable solution for creating marketing copies that are personalized and appear to be human-like. Using this tool, you can efficiently develop blogs, feature bullets, usage guides, and more resources. It delivers a 40 % faster turnaround with above 30% cost savings.

  • The AI translation feature uses CAT tools and machine learning algorithms for translating to more than 133 languages with a rich vocabulary of 10+ million words. It synthesizes the information provided to follow the language structure it translates your copy into. It also identifies patterns and parts of speech and resolves ambiguities by itself. Thus you get localized product data with a 30% faster turnaround and above 25% cost savings.

  • PC2 also delivers a 20% faster turnaround time for filling product attributes and above 15% cost savings, making it ideal for white-label products. From your input about product description, this tool extracts product specifications or attributes that you can further edit, add or remove per your preferences.

  • This tool allows you to create enriched A+ content by selecting any of the multiple templates. You can also fetch content and create new templates. As a result, you get HTMLized, ready-to-use content. Your business benefits include SEO-friendly content generated in record time. At the same budget, you can now get five times the work done as you used to do manually. 

  • PC2 also provides you with standardized images using ML and AI. You can edit the photos by removing the background or adding a new one, correcting the color, or changing the picture’s dpi, resolution and dimension. Standardized PDPs give you a seamless experience across products, leading to better customer engagement and increased conversions.



With its innovative features, Iksula has created a platform that enhances productivity, streamlines workflows, and ensures consistent and accurate product information across multiple channels. The platform can automate various tasks involved in product content management through intelligent algorithms and machine learning. It saves time and reduces the risk of human error, ensuring that product information is always up-to-date and accurate. By leveraging the platform’s automation, integration, collaboration, and analytics capabilities, businesses can enhance their content workflows, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead in today’s competitive digital landscape.



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