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    Big Bazaar Direct

    Iksula has collaborated with ‘Big Bazaar Direct’, as the exclusive technology partner of Future Group, that went live in five cities on the 5th of September. Big Bazaar Directis a unique and fresh retail concept that provides the end customer with a personal shopping experience. Iksula, an e-commerce firm, provides high quality and cost-effective solutions exclusively to online retailers (B2C and B2B). The company has created a scalable and concrete technology platform to power B2C websites of Future Group and also the Big Bazaar Direct platform.

    Iksula has also developed the Big Bazaar Direct Android application. The unique android application enables the Big Bazaar Direct franchises to book pre-paid orders for customers via a mobile or tablet instantly. Somokanta Sharma, our Head of Technology mentioned that this project was indeed a test of the company’s endurance as they had to go live in 90 days. He also stated that they are working towards making the technology and content more user friendly with regular feedbacks from the franchises.

    The Big Bazaar Direct venture will definitely be a boon for a network of franchises that includes individuals and grocery stores to sign up and make a deposit that will get reflected in their e-wallet. All the franchises would be able to use their e-wallet money to place orders for the end customer in exchange for cash. They would earn a commission for each booked item that will be quickly delivered at the customer’s doorsteps. This idea will most certainly become a source of additional income for the franchises. The Future Group Company has also introduced a multi-site architecture that will help its B2C e-commerce stores like, and,

    The following video aptly talks about the new Big Bazaar Direct venture being the first of its kind, direct-selling model in India, allowing the customers to shop by ticking deals off a catalogue. It is indeed Kishore Biyani’s, CEO at Big Bazaar, big bet that might prove to be a major revenue churner. He has made a miniature start to a new service that could be the future of retailing in India.



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