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Boosting Website Performance

Iksula Boosts Website Performance with Optimization and Ongoing Support


Iksula assisted this customer with their website performance optimization and ongoing support needs. The company needed assistance in transitioning, auditing, and optimizing their existing website, as well as ongoing support and enhancements post-audit and transition. Iksula was able to provide quick recommendations that impacted performance whenever required and managed the ongoing support and enhancement efforts. This included UI/UX redesign and modification to certain pages, feature enhancement and development, and integration with NetSuite and other systems. Overall, Iksula’s expertise helped this customer to improve the performance of their website and ensure its smooth operation going forward.

About the Customer

Our client is a well known American luxury pen and timepiece company, founded in 1846. The company has a long history of crafting high-quality writing instruments and watches. Our client’s website was a critical piece of their strategic puzzle to reach and engage with a wider audience.

The Problem

Our client’s website was running on Magento. The site wasn’t delivering business results impacting their strategic goals – revenue was not growing and they were heavily dependent on paid mediums for traffic. 

Primary challenges they had identified were


  • Website speed, user experience, and search engine visibility
  • The lack of product development path, leading to the website becoming outdated

Iksula’s Engagement

Our client mandate was to improve the site performance and enhance the user experience to drive higher conversions.

Our approach:

  • Analyze – audit and review of the architecture review, code, and infra. 
  • Optimize – add some specifics on performance, UI/UX, Netsuite integration.
  • Run – accelerated new feature launches, set up 24×7 monitoring & support.

Key Business Benefits

  • Website average load speed improved from 6+ seconds to under 4 seconds
  • Website bounce rates reduced by 10 percentage points
  • Integrated order management reduced order processing times by close to 20%
  • Iksula support team improved the speed of addition of new website features


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