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How iksula helped one of the world’s largest home improvement retailer redesign the complete SKU lifecycle

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Established in 1978, the client is one of the world’s largest home improvement retailer. They have over 2200 stores across North America with a $110 Bn net sales in 2019

The client offers a one-stop shopping experience for the do-it-yourself customer with products that covers home improvement space right from furniture, appliances, décor, lighting, building materials, plumbing, kitchen, bath, power tools and much more.




      • The client required a large volume of product catalog to be uploaded to their website in a short span of time

      • As the product catalog templates were checked manually, the deliverable quality wasn’t up to the mark

      • A number of errors were not captured due to large volumes and dependency on human efforts for quality

      • As a result, there were many instances of reworks, which led to an increase in the turnaround time (TAT)

      • There was a need to manage the customer data privacy requests after introduction of CCPA in 2018

Our Solution

  • Iksula helped the client in redesigning the complete SKU lifecycle by deploying FTE team of catalogers to perform the operations and later implemented the in-house tool Athena for QC of content.
  • Iksula replaced the Oracle EDQ with Athena; set-up a team of paralegals for handling customer data privacy requests.


Iksula has been a key partner in client’s SKU lifecycle journey from onboarding the vendor content to the final stage of product getting live with the best quality content.  Iksula eradicated the manual/human interventions in the data quality and automated the whole QC process


Iksula Solutions

Content Enrichment
  • Sourcing new and additional product information

  • Copywriting the marketing copy for products

  • Image sourcing & editing

  • Team of paralegals for handling customer data privacy requests

  • Analysis of customer requests for meaningful insights



  • Integration with vendor portal and PIM

  • Replaced Oracle EDQ with Iksula’s enterprise data quality platform

  • 8 months of go-live

Pre-filled Catalog
  • Scrapping product data from major players in the ecommerce 

  • Preparing a pre-filled product data catalog to minimize the future efforts



Solutions Highlight – Content Enrichment

A. Copywriting:
  1. Create fresh product descriptions that are grammatically correct, clearly written, and topically relevant.
  2. Language: US English
  3. Source Material for Content creation – manufacturer & approved 3rd party websites.

B. Content Enrichment & Gap Fulfilment

  1. Source attribute information for products from manufacturer or approved .
  2. 3rd party websites.
  3. Create structured product titles as per guidelines.

C. Image Editing

  1. Source up to 4 product images from manufacturer or approved 3rd party websites
  2. Resize images as per dimensions shared by client
  3. Renaming of images as per client guidelines


D. Benefits to client: 


  1. Reduced the TAT to 2-3 days from 10-11 days by improving FTR using Six
  2. Sigma tools like pareto, eliminating rework,
  3. Average of 98.99% Quality Score
  4. Faster publishing of suppliers product


Benefits To Client

  • Reduced the TAT to 2-3 days from 10-11 days by improving FTR using Six
    Sigma tools like pareto, eliminating rework,

  • Average of 98.99% Quality Score

  • Faster publishing of suppliers product


Solutions Highlight –  Athena Implementation


Some Key Highlights

  • Supports 29 different data quality rules  

  • Developed custom rules as per client’s requirement

  • Customized API’s for client

  • Control overrule strictness

  • Already deployed in client environment


Benefits To Client

  • 6x speed compared to Oracle EDQ

  • 50% cost saving compared to EDQ

  • 99.99% Quality results

Solutions Highlight
– The california customer privacy act (ccpa)

Passed in Jun’18 with the likelihood of new amendments, the CCPA stands as a broad shift in how the United States operationalizes data privacy in its business and employee operations.


Solutions highlight – Prefilled Catalog

Multiple Sources


  • Competitor Websites

  • Manufacturer Websites

Pre-filled Catalog


  • Centralize

  • Consolidate 

  • Normalize to client Standards

Benefits to client


  • Ready catalog before onboarding new products/ vendors 

  • Live comparison with competition products