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Boost Customer Retention with Iksula’s Automation and Analytics Solutions

About Client

A well-established Indian pharmaceutical brand with a strong online presence in the US. They offer three distinct brands catering to various healthcare needs.

Client: Pharmaceutical Brand

Region : US

Industry : Healthcare

The Challenge

Leading Indian pharmacy selling to US consumers struggle to manage efficient marketing operations to acquire and retain customers after their initial purchase.

Client lacks a unified marketing operations platform to manage campaigns for their diverse product portfolio. This hinders effective communication with US audiences, impacting brand awareness and customer acquisition. Despite competitive pricing and quality products, the brand faces high customer churn due to a lack of personalized engagement and post-purchase communication.

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The Solution

Iksula implemented a marketing automation platform to automate personalized communication across various channels like email, SMS, and push notifications.

Our conversion rate optimization with expert setup and multiple workflows including User Journey Automation, Abandoned Cart Recovery, Subscriber Pop Automation, Email Campaigns, Onsite Personalization, and Customer & Product Segmentation helped pharmacies achieve outstanding results.

Automated Journey Mapping & Personalization: Iksula streamlines customer journey mapping for US audiences. AI personalized content, ad creatives, and email campaigns based on demographics, healthcare needs, and browsing behavior, fostering deeper engagement.

Omnichannel Campaign Management & Optimization: The platform enables the creation, execution, and optimization of multi-channel campaigns across email marketing, and search engine marketing (SEM) for targeted reach 

Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Iksula provides comprehensive campaign performance data, including website traffic, conversion rates, and customer acquisition costs. These insights enable continuous optimization for maximum ROI.

Business Metric Improvement

Iksula’s marketing automation strategy resulted in significant improvements in customer retention

Click-Through Rate (CTR) for automated campaigns averaging at 4%, exceeding industry standards.

Targeted email campaigns resulting in an average open rate of 40% and a Click through rate of 2%, significantly higher than industry benchmarks.

Improved Marketing Efficiency: Automated campaign workflows and centralized management boosted marketing team productivity by 30%.

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