Our Work

Delighting our customers and their customers across all channels, all the time

Enhancing Customer Experience

Discover how Iksula drove sales by enhancing customer experience

eCommerce Website Migration and Optimization

Discover how Iksula helped migrate, upgrade and support eCommerce websites across Indonesia and Japan.

Discover upgrading CMS can improve website management

Iksula improves website performance by upgrading to a secure and flexible CMS.

Boosting Website Performance

Discover how Iksula helped boost website performance with optimization and ongoing support

eCommerce Content Management with Iksula’s Centralized Distribution Solution

Discover how Iksula’s Centralized Distribution Solution helps streamline and manage eCommerce content.

Success story of B2C Launch

Discover the success story of a customer’s B2C launch with Iksula.

Streamlining eCommerce Processes

This is how Iksula helped streamline eCommerce order management, financial reconciliation and customer service processes for this customer.

eCommerce Technology Enablement

How iksula helped leading Middle East Dairy Producer in empowering B2B customers

Enabling Omnichannel for Brands

How iksula helped a Multi-Brand Conglomerate digitally transform the way they work & serve their customers